Effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation on menopausal symptoms

A study conducted at the Sydney Menopause Centre, Royal Hospital for Women, Australia, showed that Sahaja Yoga meditation is effective as treatment for menopausal symptoms. Sahaja Yoga meditation was taught for 8 weeks, twice-weekly, in 10 women with menopausal symptoms instead of the more traditional treatment of hormone replacement therapy for the management of menopausal hot flushes.

The average improvement after Sahaja Yoga meditation training was similar to that expected from hormone replacement therapy and similar or better than that of other behavioural treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy.Improvements were observed in the frequency of hot flushes, which were reduced to 67% below the baseline frequency rate. At follow up, it was still 57% below baseline (a reduction in hot flashes frequency of 50% is considered an improvement).

Significant improvements also occurred in a Climacteric Scale, the Menopause Quality of Life Questionnaire, and both State and Trait Anxiety subscales.


Meditation is an attractive option for women with menopausal symptoms because they prefer non-pharmacological treatments, thereby avoiding the risks and side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

Manocha, M,  Semmar B (2007)  A Preliminary Study of Efficacy and Safety of Sahaja Yoga Meditation as a Treatment for Hot Flushes and Other Symptoms of the Perimenopause. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 14, 266-273.